Special Report

Celebrities Who Were Killed by Their Fans

Unfortunately, fame can come with a lot of negatives. Being recognizable means the loss of the personal freedom and anonymity that the average person enjoys in public. Sometimes admiration for celebrities and their talent can turn to obsession. Obsession mixed with violent tendencies and untreated mental illness can lead to tragic results. 

All of the stories on this list are different. Some of the celebrities knew their killers personally, others were killed by people who they’d never met. Some are tales of jealousy and personal disputes, while others are acts of violence carried out for reasons only clear to the killers.

Celebrities have to move more cautiously and carefully to avoid unwanted attention and potential threats. Paparazzi and attention from fans can already be tiring. But when a fan is unhinged and armed, the consequences can be fatal. 

The largest group on this list is musicians. Throughout the years, many musicians — rock and otherwise — have died too early. Many more were killed in car or plane crashes, or were taken down by cancer, heart attack, or other health-related issues. And some have been shot to death — these are 30 famous musicians who were murdered

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