CEO Performance

Normally, a year in which a company's stock gains almost 12% would be a good one. McDonald's shares did that this year.
Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg abruptly resigned Monday and company chairman David Calhoun will take over as CEO in January.
Founder Frederick W. Smith recently has presided over the demise of FedEx. To transform the company now has become a Herculean challenge.
Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have announced that they are both stepping down as executives of Google and Alphabet.
Papa John’s founder and defrocked CEO John Schnatter continues to pummel the company’s current management for what he claims is a inferior product and weak operational skills. However,...
In October, CEO departures reached a record high. The last time the number of CEO departures was extremely high was during the Great Recession.
Boeing CEO Muilenburg has failed to build a company in which safety and truth about problems are prized. It is far too late for him to correct that now, particularly given his own behavior. The board...
Former McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook had one of the best corporate jobs in American. What could have been on his mind?
Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann violated the cardinal rule of internet company IPOs. The company's stockholders deserve better.
Why the Boeing board of directors has to force CEO Muilenburg out and replace him with someone who was not with the company when the troubled 737 Max was developed.
Twitter posted one of its occasionally horrible quarters, which is either proof that its business model was always hopelessly flawed or that CEO Jack Dorsey is out of excuses for the deeply harmful...
Ford's latest earnings statement shows how poor a job its CEO and board chair have done as the company's performance continues to deteriorate.
Why the Boeing board should force Dennis Muilenburg out and replace him with a chief executive who was not with the company when the new 737 Max was developed.
The Boeing board of directors has fired Dennis A. Muilenburg from his job as board chair but will let him stay on as chief executive, at least for now.
Now that Wells Fargo has named a new president and chief executive officer, it is important to consider what changes this may bring, if any, and what the impact will be on the bank going forward.