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Gasoline pump

Gas Prices Drop Below $3.10 in 18 Cities

As gasoline prices continue their race toward $3.00, based on the average price of a gallon of regular nationwide, the price has already dropped below $3.10 in 18 cities. These ...
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The 5 Things That Will Drive Stocks Higher

As some stock market indexes hit new highs nearly every day, more experts on stock prices and economists argue about what will allow the trend to continue and what will ...
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Cloud computing

More Trouble for the Cloud as Kim Kardashian Nude Photos Released

For some reason, celebrities insist on storing their nude images online. Few have seemed to grasp the fact that putting photos and data on cloud-based services can lead to hacks. ...
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GM Recalls 221,000 Cadillac Models, Adds to Problems

A problem with parking brakes in 221,000 Cadillac cars has caused General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) to recall them. The flaw can cause brakes to overheat. That, in turn, might ...
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Microsoft Shares Up 43%: Can They Move Higher?

Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) shares have risen 43% in the past year, compared to 21% for the Nasdaq. Will the market buy into its new CEO's vision enough to keep ...
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Tesla’s Risky Over-the-Air Software Program

Add to the innovations made by electric car manufacture Tesla a new one. Drivers of the Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) flagship Model S will be able to get software ...
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Redskins at Eagles Tickets Are Top Priced NFL Divisional Match-Up of Week 3

Five divisional match-ups will take place in the NFL this Sunday as the season enters Week 3. The Eagles will host the return of former wide receiver DeSean Jackson when ...
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Can Sears Close 2,300 Stores?

In a widely publicized note to investors, Gary Balter of Credit Suisse said that it is best that Sears Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: SHLD) close its Sears and Kmart locations while they, ...
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Larry Ellison Is Still and Will Continue to Be CEO of Oracle

Larry Ellison will step down as CEO of Oracle Corp. (NYSE: ORCL), a company he founded and fundamentally controls. His new title will be Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer. ...
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Canada’s Shale Boom: More to Come in Montney

By James Burgess of   In the world of a constantly changing oil and gas environment, the Montney shale basin is the sleeping giant that holds the key to ...
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credit cards

Home Depot Breach Hits 56 Million Credit Cards

The Home Depot Inc. (NYSE: HD) hack was huge -- 56 million cards to be exact. The company disclosed: Criminals used unique, custom-built malware to evade detection. The malware had ...
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Monsoons Help U.S. Drought

The extreme drought in parts of the United States is being helped from an improbable source. It is what the U.S. Drought Monitor calls "monsoons." According to the experts from ...
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Los Angeles

MIT App Would Help Cars Avoid Traffic Jams

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) researchers claim they have built a system that could help cars avoid traffic jams. The project, which created the service is called "RoadRunner," was introduced ...
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In Another Sign of PC Trouble, Toshiba Cuts 900 Jobs

The PC industry has been under pressure for some time as the use of tablets and smartphones has completely replaced personal computers in many cases. Even laptop sales have fallen, ...
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GM Europe Sales Drop Sharply in August

The General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) sales train wreck in Europe continued in August, which means the company may post another loss in the region for 2014 after decades of ...
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