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holiday shopping

Holiday Spending Plans Slow to a Crawl

Earlier this year, the National Retail Federation posted a forecast for holiday sales to rise 4.1% over last year. E-commerce results should yield results that are better. However, a new ...
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5 States With Unemployment Under 4%

Even during a time of robust recovery, the national unemployment rate rarely drops below 5%. However, in a period in which unemployment in the United States is 5.8%, five states ...
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8 States With Unemployment Over 7%

The economic recovery is well enough underway that unemployment has finally dropped below 5.8%. It fell to that level in October. However, the recovery is very uneven. Eight states still ...
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Mansion with chairs and palms

Expensive Home Inventory Soars

The supply of homes for the rich rose rapidly in October. The same cannot be said for the inventory of low and mid-priced homes. Perhaps the top 1%, 5% or ...
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Volkswagen to Invest $108 Billion in Expansion

It is hard to believe that any company could invest over $100 billion in anything. It turns out that company is huge auto manufacturer Volkswagen. Its board announced the decision ...
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Americans Rate Postal Service Highest, VA Lowest

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has lost billions of dollars. However, it does deliver the mail to every American, usually on time, at its motto suggests: Neither snow nor rain ...
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apple iphone 6 intro

iPhone 6 Outsells iPhone 6 Plus by Wide Margin

The big iPhone 6 versus the regular sized one. According to new research, the sales levels between the two are not even close. People would rather have the traditionally sized ...
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Chrysler 300 2014

As Chrysler Sales Falter, It Launches New 300

Chrysler brand sales have been poor this year. Its parent, Chrysler Group, has shown sales improvement because of the success of Jeep and Ram. So, the Chrysler brand needs a ...
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U.S. Attacks on Drone Use May Trigger Trouble for Amazon

Unmanned drones are used by groups as widely dispersed as hobbyists who want to take videos of their neighborhoods to Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN), which wants to use the machines ...
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Eurozone PMI Well Below Forecast — Markit

In a sign that the recession that ravaged the eurozone continues to drag on its economy, its most recent Purchasing Managers Index (PMI), as measured by Markit, missed most expectations ...
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Could Takata Go Bankrupt?

Takata faces huge fines, and almost certainly lawsuits (which have already begun), over its defective airbags. Some experts believe that the Japanese company was not forthcoming about the technical failure ...
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Jaguar F-type 2014

Jaguar Launches New Car to Challenge Audi and Mercedes

Audi proved that luxury car buyers would gravitate toward all-wheel drive. The division of Volkswagen found that, very slowly, rivals BMW and Mercedes moved into the field with all-wheel drive ...
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Will Cold Weather Damage Fourth-Quarter GDP?

By some measures, first-quarter U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) was pummeled by $50 billion due to cold weather and snow. Another snap of similar weather has occurred over the past ...
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Opel Adam

GM Continues to Take a Beating in Europe Car Sales

Car sales in Europe have continued to grow as the European Union slowly emerges from its deep recession. General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) was the only major car company that ...
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Seven CEOs Made More Than Their Companies Paid in Taxes

Seven CEOs among those who run the nation's 30 largest companies made more than their firms paid in federal income tax, according to the Center for Effective Government. According to ...
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