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China PMI Continues Collapse as Other Forces Challenge Growth

If China's purchasing managers' index (PMI) is any indication of the health of the Chinese economy, then it is not healthy. The final figures for China's manufacturing in July, supplied ...
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AT&T to Marry Nationwide Wireless and TV Service, but Who Will Subscribe?

As AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) clinches its purchase of DirectTV, it will achieve one of the long-terms goals of the content delivery world: one bill, one complete set of wireless ...
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J.C. Penney Still Struggles To Survive

In a sea of larger competition, J.C. Penney (NYSE: JCP) continues to battle to survive. A decade ago, at least its financial results were not continually eroding. J.C. Penney management ...
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The American $52,000 Household Income

The Labor Department data which show that wages and benefits only grew .2% in the June quarter, served as a reminder of the struggle Americans have to make to simply ...
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World Population To Reach Over 11 Billion.. In 2100

Very long-term forecasts about anything are a wasted exercise. So much can go wrong to disprove them. That did not keep The U.N.'s Department of Social Economic and Social Affairs ...
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California Saved More Water Than It Had To

The State of California instituted a law which mandated a 25% cut in water use. People and businesses did better than that, with a drop in use of 27.3% in ...
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Increase In Minimum Wage Could Rocket Fast Food Prices Higher By 25%

What will happen if the minimum wage paid by companies which offer fast food moves to $15? Food prices charged by these companies to customers would rise modestly. If that ...
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2015 Ford F-150

The New Ford F-150 Is Somewhat Safe, But Repairs Are Expensive

One of the challenges new cars and light trucks face is whether they can jump the hurdle of Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tests. Vehicles which do not pass are ...
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More Doctors Flee Private Practice

The old style independent doctor has continued to disappear. Practicing in a hospital has become a better financial deal, as the costs of insurance rise, and the income from visits, ...
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Huawei Moves Ahead Of Microsoft In Mobile Phone Market

As a sign of just how much of a failure Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) has been after years and untold billions of dollars invested in mobile phones, Chinese company Huawei (The ...
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T-Mobile Biggest Challenge–Customer Service

T-Mobile (NYSE: TMUS) has started to offer a special promotion for upgrades of Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone 6. The carrier may well pass Sprint (NYSE: S) to become the No. ...
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Could China’s Growth Rates Drop To U.S. Level?

China's GDP growth rate is 7%, and trending downward. The GDP growth rate in the US is expected to be 3% in the third quarter, if forecasts by banks which include ...
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Do People In Developing Countries Need Cars?

GM (NYSE: GM) will spend $5 billon on expansion efforts to sell more cars in developing nations. The premise for this investment may be faulty. People in places like Brazil ...
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Do Lack Of Grocery Stores Help Fast Food?

The Center for Prevention at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota recently issued a report which reported that a large number of people in the state do not have easy ...
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FT And The Economist Sales Match New York Times Value

The FT was sold to Nikkei, the large Japanese media company, for $1.3 billion. The FT's publisher, Pearson Group admitted its 50% of The Economist was also on the block. Some ...
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