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Businessman pushing a car

Gas Prices Drop Below $2 in 5 Cities

Gasoline has breached below $2 in a number of gas stations around the country. It has fallen below that level in five large cities, based on the price of an ...
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Coastal Storm Waves

Will Coastal Flooding Harm US GDP?

Researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently explained that the pace of coastal flooding in U.S. cities located on or near oceans has accelerated. What the federal ...
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Getting Good Jobs Gets Easier

During the recession and for several years afterward, the ability of many Americans to find good jobs was eroded. According to new research, the problem has faded, but only among ...
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Amazon Cuts Price of Fire TV to $79

The start of the new age TV has been underway since the invention of the TiVo, which barely exists anymore. The void has been filled by an army of products ...
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6 States Have Unemployment Rates Below 4%

The unemployment rate in the United States was 5.8% in November. While that is down from 10% during the worst of the recession, it is still above 5%, which what ...
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A Recession for North Dakota?

North Dakota, while small, has been one of the jewels of the U.S. economy. Its unemployment rate was the envy of the rest of America over the course of the ...
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health care

Nurses Are the Most Trusted People in America

Nurses are the most trusted workers in America, based on honesty and ethical standards. As would make sense, doctors are second. According to a new survey from researchers at Gallup: ...
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America’s Worst Run Companies

What makes a company truly poorly run? Businesses make mistakes almost daily, and industries can transform rapidly, eroding even a market leader's competitive advantage. Companies that are struggling may have ...
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RadioShack Speaker Wall

How RadioShack Could Lose 90% of Its Value This Year

RadioShack Corp.'s (NYSE: RSH) shares traded at $0.33 Wednesday, down from a 52-week high of $2.79. One more tiny slip by management, lower same-store sales or ongoing fighting with its ...
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Why Zynga Will Lose 50% of Its Value This Year

Zynga Inc.'s (NASDAQ: ZNGA) market value will be down by 50% or more this year. A combination of a failed business model and insider sales have sunk the stock to ...
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Opel Adam

GM Sales in Europe Continue Free Fall

General Motors Co.'s (NYSE: GM) efforts to turn around its European operations have suffered another blow. As sales of all cars of any brand in Europe moved higher by 1.4% ...
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Russia’s Economy by the Numbers

Many experts believe that Russia will fall into a deep recession next year, due primarily to a drop in oil prices. The recession, as a matter of fact, may have ...
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Airlines Pull In $960 Million in Baggage Charges

Airline profits will be helped considerably by lower jet fuel prices, triggered by the price drop in crude oil. Some industry observers believe that the economic recovery has allowed the ...
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refilling the car

Gas Prices Drop Below $2.20 in Five Cities

Oil prices continue to fall and have dropped below $55, a huge plunge from nearly $100 in June. The drop has been so quick that it is not entirely reflected in ...
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Will the UAW Ruin the Domestic Car Industry Again?

One of the causes of the deep losses that drove General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) and Chrysler into Chapter 11 where the high wages and benefits the United Automobile Workers ...
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