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This Week’s Warehouse Deals at Amazon

Retailers have to move inventory from their warehouses to customers at a good clip in order not to get stuck with a bunch of stuff they can't sell because it ...
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Amazon Online Visits Double Wal-Mart’s Inc.'s (NASDAQ: AMZN) dominance in the e-commerce market is part of the company's rapidly expanding revenue growth and market value. That is despite the effort of every brick-and-mortar retailer ...
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RBC Has 3 Top Picks to Ride as the Stock Market Goes Higher

We tend to keep a very close eye on the brokerage firm calls that we cover here at 24/7 Wall St., especially when they make a definitive market direction call. ...
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How Amazon Announcement Affects Netflix

Streaming video provider Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) is on tap to report first-quarter results after markets close Monday. It's no accident that Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) chose Monday to announce ...
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Gap Website Loses 20% of Audience

Add to store closings and falling sales, visits to Gap Inc.'s (NYSE: GPS) online flagship have fallen 20% in a year, according to research firm Compete. had 10 ...
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JCP appliances

Traffic to JC Penney Website Soars as Company Recovers

J.C. Penney Co. Inc. (NYSE: JCP) is in the midst of a recovery that seemed impossible two years ago. Part of the improvement is a surge in traffic to, which ...
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Wal-Mart Is Nation’s Worst Grocery Store

When it comes to grocery shopping, brand loyalty carries a lot of weight. A recent survey of grocery shoppers showed that 87% were somewhat or extremely satisfied with their most ...
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3 Mega Cap Technology Stocks Dominate the Cloud

Needless to say, the migration to the cloud for a variety of services for everybody from the individual consumer to the largest corporate enterprise has become ubiquitous. In what should ...
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Google Dumps Kansas City Broadband Subscribers

It was too good to be true. The management of Google Fiber offered Kansas City residents free 5 megabits per second (Mbps) connections. Google will pull that offer in May, according ...
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Best Buy store

Why Best Buy Offers Sharp Discounts on Some Items

Best Buy Co. Inc. (NYSE: BBY) offers sharp discounts on some of the items sold at There are several reasons the consumer electronics retailer may do this. Among them ...
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Amazon Slashes Kindle Price, Adds Free 2-Hour Delivery

Business school professors have several theories about why companies slash product or service prices and offer incentives to draw customers. Experts have to be scratching their heads as Inc. ...
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Amazon’s Upcoming Sales Pricing on Electronics Gear

Retailers typically don't preannounce sale pricing on items until the special price takes effect because they don't want to cannibalize sales at the going price. Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) is ...
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Blue jeans

Smaller Competitors Tear Gap Apart

Where did Gap Inc.'s (NYSE: GPS) customers go? March same-store sales fell 6%. The figures were particularly brutal for the company's Banana Republic stores, which fell 14% by the same ...
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Downtown Nashville

Amazon Launches Free Same-Day Delivery Service in Nashville Inc.'s (NASDAQ: AMZN) Prime customers can now get free same-day delivery in 11 new metro areas, including Nashville. The caveats include the need to order in the morning and ...
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Amazon Web Services Becomes Company’s Growth Engine retail continues to be the core of its parent company, and management has pressed to make it much larger with its Prime free delivery and streaming media service. The ...
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