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Boeing Faces Woes on Reports of Another Dreamliner Fire, London Heathrow

Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) just got yet another blow of bad news regarding its 787 Dreamliner. Details are scant as of now but news reports are citing another airplane fire at the Heathrow airport in London. The plane is said to be a 787 Dreamliner. Boeing stock has tanked as a result.

Today’s news should not be confused with a crash at San Francisco’s SFO airport last weekend. It was a different type of plane which crashed back then.

This is also not a crash, but it was listed as plane on fire and both runways are listed as closed. This is also said to be an Ethiopian 787 Dreamliner which was parked with the fire extinguished and no one on board. Again, details are scant at this point.

Boeing is a Dow Jones Industrial Average component, so a drop of almost 5% is likely to drag down the rest of the index whether it causes any secondary or tertiary sympathy stock ripples or not.

Boeing shares are now down 4.8% at $101.74 and the stock had just hit yet a new high of $108.15 today, with a new adjusted 52-week range of $69.03 to $108.15.

We will update this story as more details unfold and are made available.

12:36 update: Sky News has a report with more detail and image.

12:38 update: WSJ Blog has a report as well.

12:48 update: Twitter image posted below: