What Is the H-6K Bomber China Is Landing on South China Sea Island?

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As part of the escalation over islands built by China in the South China Sea, the country will begin training missions for its H-6K bomber. The plane, China claims, makes it a force in the strategic bomber portion of the weapons race. It is a formidable weapon.

The H-6K is one of a series of  bombers originally based on a Russian model and built by the Chinese military. It has long-range capability and is made to, among other things, attacked U.S. ships at sea. It also ups the stake in proliferation of nuclear weapons.

A snapshot of the plane from some experts:

From Military Today:

The Xian H-6K is an updated version of the H-6 medium-range bomber. It made its first flight in 2007 and entered service in 2009. Other sources report that this bomber entered service in 2013. China operates at least 15 of these new bombers. Some sources report that China plans to replace the previous H-6D bombers with the new H-6Ks on a near one-to-one basis.

The H-6K is designed for long-range attacks and stand-off attacks. It is considered as a strategic bomber. It is capable of attacking US carrier battle groups and priority targets in Asia. This aircraft has nuclear strike capability.

From SinoDefence:

The H-6K is the latest member of the H-6 bomber family first flying on 5 January 2007. This variant features some radical modifications, including six under-wing pylons to carry an unknown model air-launched land-attack cruise missile; two Russian-made D-30KP turbofan engines; a solid nose replacing the original framed glass-in nose; and a completely refurnished ‘glass’ cockpit featuring six large multifunctional displays (MFD). XAC hopes that these modifications would significantly improve the performance of the 40-year-old design, thus extending its service life well into the next decade. (Note: The The Xian Aircraft Company (XAC) produces the bomber)

According to China-Military:

Among China’s domestically built bombers, the H-6K features the longest range and maximum bomb capacity. It will play a significant role in safeguarding China both at sea and in the air. Because of its long flight time, it can fly over the Nansha Islands for reconnaissance, surveillance and patrols. During wartime, it is capable of dropping bombs and launching missiles, according to Cao Weidong, a military commentator.

If China want to menace it neighbors, it has picked a good weapon.

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