Oracle Hits Recent Highs, But Guidance Still Pending (ORCL)

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Oracle Corp. (NASDAQ:ORCL) posted earnings that Wall Street will have to wait for guidance before reaching a verdict.  Ellison & Co.’s first-quarter profit grew to roughly $840 million, roughly 25% growth compared to Q1 2007.  Oracle’s non-GAAP EPS came in at $0.22 EPS and its GAAP EPS was $0.16 EPS, and estimates were $0.21 on a non-GAAP basis.  Revenue rose to $4.53 billion (from $3.59 billion last year) and estimates were closer to $4.34 billion in revenue.

Oracle shares are up about 1.5% after-hours trading at $21.35, but unfortunately this is still essentially an "Open Item" until the forward guidance is issued.  The key is that the $21.13 was the 52-week and more than 5-year high, so anyone that bought shares over the last 5 years up to today’s close should be in-the-money.

Tomorrow is also options expiration date.  Here was the full earnings preview for comparisons. So far its acquisition path seems to be working.

Jon C. Ogg
September 20, 2007