Paul Ausick

Paul Ausick is a senior editor at 24/7 Wall St., where he has also served as a senior writer and energy editor. His stories on subjects as diverse as company logos and China's strategy for securing natural resources have been published or cited by The New York Times, The New Yorker, USA Today, MSN, Barron's, Forbes, CBS News, CNBC, NBC News, Time, MarketWatch and The Washington Post, among many other publications.

He spent 15 years as a technical and marketing writer in Silicon Valley, working on hardware and software products. For 10 years, he worked for hard drive maker Seagate Technology, at the time one of the 10 largest firms in the Valley. He directed and helped code Seagate's first website and led the early development of video marketing stories to support sales efforts for the company's products.

Paul began writing about energy companies in 2004, specializing in oil and gas pipeline master limited partnerships. From there, he broadened his scope to include exploration and production companies, refiners and global energy markets. While he still covers these sectors, he has also written in depth about the housing market, the auto industry, technology, the aerospace industry and financial markets. Paul has a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Chicago and now lives in Montana.

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