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Google parent Alphabet and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles made history this week with the first major partnership on advancing driverless cars.
This merger fell through not because it would have been anticompetitive. It fell through because neither Halliburton nor Baker Hughes is in existential danger, at least not yet.
Should investors sell in May and go away this year? That largely depends on three foreseeable things.
Capital One’s bottom line miss is a result of the firm preemptively protecting itself against expected defaults from weakened industries.
Saudi Arabia has just released a 12,000-word, 15-year plan for supposedly revamping its economy called "Saudi Vision 2030."
Strikebreakers are hard at work at Verizon Communications, some working 12-hour shifts to fill in for some 40,000 union workers on strike since April 13.
Target announced this week that it would raise the minimum wage for its workers to $10 an hour. Investors are speculating whether this is a public relations move.
Saudi Arabia has threatened to dump its U.S. Treasury holdings if a bill stripping the Saudi Arabian government of its immunity against private lawsuits relating to the 9/11 attacks were to pass.
Foursquare has given Chipotle Mexican Grill investors a preview of what are predicted to be horrible earnings for the restaurant chain come April 26.
A deeper look into Verizon's pension plan shows that the key issue is probably a combination of Obamacare and retiring baby boomers.
The breakup of the Pfizer-Allergan deal may only be a warning sign for both Apple and Google and any other company filtering money through foreign countries to avoid taxes, but the trend of plugging...
It seems that almost every other day now we are getting word of new opinions by various Federal Reserve officials regarding how many rate hikes there should be for 2016.
Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) has announced that it will be letting go of about 4,000 employees in its Commercial Airplanes division by midyear. The layoffs would be voluntary, combined with leaving...
The verdict for El Niño is in, and while it hasn’t been particularly good for cold weather retailers, it hasn’t been catastrophic either.
What has happened with Lululemon Athletica since December serves as one more instance of official analyst downgrades to be either ignored or even used as contrary indicators.