Cramer Hunts For Safe Harbor in a Storm: DuPont (DD)

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Cramer went out tonight on CNBC’s MAD MONEY still looking for safe harbors in a storm, despite the strong market today and despite his noting that this trading rally could last 5 days. 

His pick tonight was DuPont (NYSE: DD) that he thinks should say good things at its conference Friday, and may even raise numbers.  With it having a large agriculture play, he thinks that is good.  Cramer noted how this is a reinvention of a company as its seed business is so strong.  He even noted that the company could announce it is spinning off the agriculture business.  He did note that he would only buy half of his position after today’s run and hope for lower prices Thursday.

Last night his safe harbor for the storm pick was Genentech (NYSE: DNA).

Jon C. Ogg
March 11, 2008