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Skip Other Soy Sauce Brands, These 8 Have You Covered

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Soy sauce is one of the world’s oldest condiments, said to have originated up to 3,000 years ago in China. It is also one of the world’s most popular condiments due to its rich, savory, umami flavor. Umami is one of the five basic tastes and is often associated with meat and fermented products. This brewed or fermented sauce is a staple in many Asian cuisines.

Soy sauce contains essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals but is also high in sodium. It is rich in antioxidants and is said to aid in digestion, support brain health, and promote heart health. There are a variety of styles to choose from, and it has a multitude of uses. Besides as a dipping sauce for potstickers or sushi and a key ingredient in stir-fries and fried rice, some fans like to add a splash of it to scrambled eggs or even vanilla ice cream. (Here are 21 things you should never order in a restaurant.)

With so many kinds of soy sauces (including low sodium and gluten free), not to mention a plethora of brands that can be found in supermarkets and gourmet grocery shops, how does one choose? Those featured here are a great place to start. Regardless of what the sauce will be used for, these eight soy sauces have you covered. They are widely available and popular, as indicated by their ratings by Amazon reviewers on a five-point scale. And, after determining what you like and what works for you, there is time later to explore the world of other soy sauce options.

Kikkoman Soy Sauce

soy sauce
Source: trekkyandy / Flickr
Best all-around soy sauce.
  • Made by: Kikkoman (Japan)
  • Cost per oz: $0.48
  • Ingredients: Water, soybeans, wheat, salt
  • Amazon Rating: 4.2

Best All-Around Cooking Soy Sauce

Source: mapodile / E+ via Getty Images
Great for cooking.

This versatile soy sauce can be found in nearly every supermarket and is a good choice to keep on hand. It offers a good blend of sweetness, saltiness, and some acidic flavor that brings out the flavor of other ingredients in dishes. Some find it salt-forward, but generous use allows cooks to omit some salt from recipes.

Lee Kum Kee

Source: Arijuhani / iStock via Getty Images
Another good option for chefs.
  • Made by: Lee Kum Kee (Hong Kong)
  • Cost per oz: $0.50
  • Ingredients: Water, salt, soybeans, sugar, wheat flour, flavor enhancers
  • Amazon Rating: 4.7

Best for Stir-Fries and Marinades

Source: fermate / iStock via Getty Images
Great for stir-frying and marinating.

Another good option for chefs. This Chinese-style soy sauce is not as salty as some others, offering notes of coffee-like acidity and sweet citrus. There is plenty of umami flavor, making it good for not only stir-frying and marinating meat but general seasoning as well. It is another affordable and versatile option that rates well with Amazon reviewers.


soy sauce
Source: ddukang / iStock via Getty Images
A thicker soy sauce.
  • Made by: Yamaroku Shoyu (Japan)
  • Cost per oz: $2.50
  • Ingredients: Water, salt, soy, wheat
  • Amazon Rating: 4.8

Best Soy Sauce for Dipping

Source: bhofack2 / iStock via Getty Images
Ideal for sushi or potstickers.

Soy sauce is not just used in a multitude of recipes but as a condiment on its own, perfect for potstickers and sushi rolls. This particular sauce is a bit thicker than others, so it really clings to anything dunked into it. And it has an excellent balance of cider vinegar-like acidity with sweetness and salt. It may be pricier than competitors, but perhaps worth it.

365 Shoyu

Source: Whole Foods Market / Wikimedia Commons
A Whole Foods store brand.
  • Made by: Whole Foods Market (USA)
  • Cost per oz: $0.30
  • Ingredients: Water, soybeans, wheat, salt, alcohol
  • Amazon Rating: 4.6

Best Budget Soy Sauce

Source: Dragon Images /
Cheap but good.

Though this is a store brand, the Japanese-style shoyu sauce provides a great bang for the buck. It is highly rated by Amazon reviewers, while also being dairy-free, vegan, kosher, low sugar, and keto-friendly. There is a low-sodium soy sauce option as well. Perfect for fried rice, teriyaki, and so much more.

Trader Joe’s Reduced-Sodium

Source: ablokhin / iStock Editorial via Getty Images
A Trader Joe’s store brand.
  • Made by: Trader Joe’s (USA)
  • Cost per oz: $0.79
  • Ingredients: Water, soybeans, wheat, salt, vinegar
  • Amazon Rating: 5.0

Best Low-Sodium Soy Sauce

Source: EugenePut /
The better low-sodium option.

Soy sauce is well known for having high sodium content. For anyone wanting less salt but disappointed by other low-sodium options, here is the one to try. It still packs bold flavor and plenty of umami. Some say that with the sodium dialed down, the other flavors in the dish have a chance to shine.

Bragg Liquid Aminos

Source: iamagenious / Flickr
A great substitute.
  • Made by: Bragg Live Food Products (USA)
  • Cost per oz: $0.84
  • Ingredients: Vegetable protein, soybeans, water
  • Amazon Rating: 4.5

Best Soy Sauce Substitute

Source: EzumeImages / iStock via Getty Images
It’s actually good.

Though it is not soy sauce, it is made from soybeans, but it is also gluten-free and vegan, with no additives, alcohols, or preservatives. Best of all, it’s actually good, unlike some other soy sauce substitutes. Some users compare the flavor to tamari, rather than your typical soy sauce. That means a richer, smoother taste and deeper umami flavor with less saltiness.

Bluegrass Soy Sauce

Source: Josep Suria /
For special occasions.
  • Made by: Bourbon Barrel Foods (USA)
  • Cost per oz: $3.62
  • Ingredients: Water, non-GMO soybeans, wheat, salt, yeast
  • Amazon Rating: 4.5

Most Unique Flavor

soy sauce
Source: froderik / Flickr
One-of-a-kind flavor.

Here’s a small-batch soy sauce aged in bourbon barrels, which provides a flavor unlike any of the other brands featured here or other competitors. In addition to the expected salt and savoriness, it has notes of molasses and fruit come through, making for a complex and satisfying flavor. Another pricey option, but great as a gift or for special occasions.

Kishibori Shoyu

Source: pjohnson1 / Getty Images
Something special.
  • Made by: Takesan (Japan)
  • Cost per oz: $2.50
  • Ingredients: Salt, soy, wheat
  • Rating: 4.8

Best High-End Soy Sauce

Source: Biserka Stojanovic / iStock via Getty Images
Is it worth the price?

Here is another one that may have you wondering if it is worth the price. For fans of this Japanese-style artisanal soy sauce, the answer is a big yes. It is crafted with roasted wheat, and the sauce is fermented for a year in 100-year-old cider barrels. That brings out complex, rich, and smooth umami flavors that stand above the mass-market brands.

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