BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

-$0.39 (-2.6%)
Closing price August 11, 2022
Pharmaceutical companies generally are involved in the lengthy process of getting their drug candidates to market through clinical trials. There is a fair amount of risk to a great amount of risk...
24/7 Wall St. has collected several big FDA decisions coming up in the month of November.
Friday's top analyst upgrades, downgrades and initiations include AT&T, BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly, Facebook, Flextronics, Gap and Tesla Motors.
The most recent analyst call by Merrill Lynch for BioCryst Pharmaceuticals may be very misunderstood for what it is.
The health care sector and biotech in particular have been on fire so far in 2015, but some biotech stocks in the group just are not carrying their weight.
Within the past week, two Ebola-related companies are showing renewed optimism for their positions, whether it is securing a contract or raising capital.
At least five upcoming dates could be big days in December, for better or worse, for individual biotech stocks.
Some Ebola-related stocks had been heavily shorted as they were considered by many investors as the next would-be stock bubble from a major news event.
Source: ThinkstockJust when you thought the Ebola virus outbreak risk was dwindling down… Fresh headlines from Dow Jones and the New York post have put the markets on Ebola watch all over again....
Some of the Ebola high-flying stocks saw their share prices crater on Monday as Ebola fears are subsiding for several reasons.
The sad news that Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan has died in a Dallas hospital now raises fears that Ebola drugs might not be a cure-all for patients.
Tekmira Pharmaceuticals downgrade also drags down Sarepta Therapeutics and BioCryst Pharmaceuticals.
With the CDC not releasing enough data on the patient, there could be an opportunity for traders on both sides of the Ebola story.
News has hit of the first confirmed Ebola case in the United States. Companies involved in potential drugs for Ebola have seen their shares pop.
Source: ThinkstockAfter being absolutely rocked back in the spring, the biotech sector has bounced back smartly. Even a bubble comment from the head of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen didn’t stop...