Johnson & Johnson

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Closing price October 27, 2020
Health care is one sector that continues to draw a ton of fund manager interest, and with good reason. These five dividend-paying health care stocks are all favored by large-cap portfolio managers.
Johnson & Johnson released better than expected quarterly results before the markets opened on Tuesday, but it also announced a pause in its late-stage coronavirus vaccine trial.
A new earnings reporting season kicks off this week, with the big banks and a few other companies leading the way. These results will be an important barometer for what comes next.
President Trump and the First Lady have tested positive for COVID-19. That begs the question, now more than ever, of where we stand with a coronavirus vaccine.
These companies have a very good shot at crossing the finish line first with a COVID-19 vaccine. Even those that won't also have huge product lines and robust pipelines with future drug potential and...
The race for the COVID-19 vaccine is still very much on, and Johnson & Johnson just announced the launch of a Phase 3 trial.
The race for finding the COVID-19 vaccine is in full swing, and it has just seen one team move ahead of the others. Before getting into an actual prediction basis for knowing which vaccine (or...
America and the rest of the world is getting ready for a vaccine that will help protect public health against the COVID-19 pandemic. The societal impact of the coronavirus has changed many lives, and...
Three U.S. COVID-19 vaccine trials are now in Phase 3 studies. All three appear to have some serious benefits, but none are approved yet.
After Momenta Pharmaceuticals announced that it would be acquired by pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, the biotechnology company's shares soared on Wednesday.
Johnson & Johnson has announced that it will launch its human study for its lead vaccine candidate in the United States and Belgium.
Credit Suisse has assembled its favorite health care recovery stocks for a recovering base of elective surgeries and for the risk of rising hospitalizations that go well beyond COVID-19.
If you are a bond and income investor now, times are grim. One analyst says that the best income portfolio now very well may be a collection of high-quality stocks that pay dependable dividends.
Many investors feel like the key stocks in the market have simply gotten away from them, but those fears are perhaps misguided, according to some key analysts.
Stocks were looking for direction on Monday ahead of this week’s earnings deluge. With an election coming up and with what is still a very deep recession, investors need to be considering how...