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Ford continues to struggle while several rivals take U.S. market share. Ford needs to make a stand somewhere, if it can.
Tesla's stock will not double again. There are too many factors that already have begun to weigh on it, particularly future sales growth and competition.
New car sales in the European Union rose over 1% year over year in 2019 to more than 15 million vehicles. U.S. automakers Ford and Fiat Chrysler both posted lower year-over-year sales totals.
For the fifth consecutive year, new vehicle sales in the United States topped 17 million. Since the peak in 2016, however, sales are down 2.5%.
Auto sales should stay steady, moving along at a near-record pace, in October. However, some car companies will suffer a fall-off in sales.
Year-to-date U.S. sales for most automakers trail 2018 sales for the same period. But the declines are generally modest, however, with one significant exception.
General Motors and Volkswagen have indicated that the companies plan to focus their electric vehicle development on all-electric vehicles while Ford and Toyota intend to continue hybrid electric...
Despite worries that strong car sales in the United States cannot continue, experts expect that July sales have been strong. Helping to lead the way, once embattled Volkswagen had a good month.
Second-quarter and monthly sales for June were generally disappointing for automakers. There were some exceptions, however, and the forecast for sales over the second half of the year remain about...
Auto sales have become shaky this year, and June may be among the first signs of a downturn. Not all car companies have been affected equally.
May U.S. car sales are expected to fall, another sign that the industry, which has been so healthy for so many years, has entered a period of decline.
Anyone could have anticipated how Toyota would respond after the White House announced it would protect the American car industry, very likely making Toyota cars and light trucks more expensive in...
Year over year, new car sales for April dipped slightly in the European Union to 1.3 million units. For the first four months of 2019, sales are down 2.6%.
U.S. auto sales fell below an annual rate of 17 million in April. Way below.
Auto industry analysts at Cox Automotive and J.D. Power expect April sales to be down year over year and month over month.