Despite Major Price Drop, Cheap World Series Tickets Still Are Not Very Cheap

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With the Cubs loss in game 4 last night, ticket prices for the final 2016 World Series game at Wrigley field have dropped almost 72% in the last two days, according to event ticket search engine TicketIQ. By most measures that’s a major major correction, and firmly in bear market territory.  For the Cubs, however, it merely brings the Cubs closer to the pack of most expensive World Series ticket prices the company has ever tracked. Prior to the drop, game 5 had an average price as high as $7,000 with the cheapest ticket going for over $2,000.  Currently, the average asking price is just over $3,000. At those prices, it is still almost double the price of any other World Series game we’ve tracked prior to 2016.

For the most optimistic Cubs fans, the silver lining is that game 5 is may actually be close to affordable. Currently the cheapest ticket for game 5 is $806, which means that fans previously priced can now at least consider the possibility of going.
Here’s a real-time view for game 5, which at one point was the most expensive major league sporting event that TicketIQ had ever tracked.  With the recent correction, game 5 is now the fourth most expensive game TicketIQ has ever tracked, behind the 2015 and 2016 Super Bowl, as well as game seven, if necessary in Cleveland. Over the last two days, the average asking price for game 7 in Cleveland has climbed 6% to an average asking price of $4,427.
If that’s too expensive for Indians fans, Game 6 may be the best bet. With an average asking price of $3,127, the average price for game 6 is down 23% since the series started. The cheapest ticket for that game is now $1,300, which is $500 more the cheapest ticket for tonight’s game 5.  For Indians fans that means that, amazingly, the cheapest option to see the believe-land story continue may be a 5 hour drive to Wrigley Field.
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