This State Had the Largest Increase in Drug Overdoses

Drug overdoses hit an all-time high last year. Some experts have blamed this on the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of drug overdoses reached 87,203 for the period from September 2019 to September 2020, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The figures are preliminary and are expected to reach as high as 90,307, once some deaths under investigation are added.

The change in drug overdoses last year compared to the year before is an increase of 28.8%.

The state with the largest percentage increase was Louisiana, where the number rose 54% to 1,826. This figure is the CDC prediction and could go higher. Kentucky was second with an increase of 50% to 1,956.

California’s figure of 8,821 was up 40.5% and is 10% of the national total. California’s total being in first place makes sense. The state also is the most populous, with about 12% of U.S. residents.

The States With the Largest Increases in Drug Overdoses

State Total % Change
Louisiana 1,826 54.0
Kentucky 1,956 50.0
West Virginia 1,287 47.3
South Carolina 1,625 45.3
Colorado 1,489 43.0
Florida 7,524 42.4
Tennessee 2,980 41.7
Virginia 2,060 41.3
California 8,821 40.5
Maine 465 38.8
Wyoming 97 38.6
Arkansas 494 38.4
Arizona 2,635 37.1
Mississippi 485 35.1
Nebraska 204 35.1

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