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CVR To Spin-Off Fertilizer Partners LP Unit in IPO (CVE, CVI)

CVR Partners, LP has filed to come public via an initial public offering, and it will have the proposed ticker of “CVE” on the NYSE.  The prospectus calls for a sale of 5.25 million units, and that is before a 787,500 unit overallotment. 

CVR partners is a limited partnership formed by CVR Energy, Inc. to own and operate a nitrogen fertilizer facility and develop a diversified portfolio of assets that are complementary to its business and CVR Energy’s refining business.  Its nitrogen fertilizer business produces ammonia and urea ammonia nitrate fertilizers.

This is a spin-off of CVR Energy, Inc. (NYSE: CVI), which it is reliant upon for management and for many key areas of operation.  Upon the closing of this offering, CVR Energy will indirectly own approximately 87% of the outstanding units.

The company generated net sales and operating income of $173.5 million and $71.0 million for 2005, $170.0 million and $43 million for 2006, and $187.4 million and $48 million for 2007.

Jon C. Ogg
February 28, 2008