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Rising crude oil prices have put a dent in short sellers' enthusiasm for oil and gas stocks.
Several independent oil and gas producers have recovered large portions of their 2020 full-year losses in just the first seven days of trading in 2021. Can the run continue?
The Dallas Fed's final survey of oil and gas industry executives indicates that the oil patch is recovering from the downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The outlook for next year remains...
There have been five significant acquisitions in the oil patch in the second half of 2020. Here's a look at how the acquirers are shaping up for 2021.
Oil and gas producer Diamondback Energy is acquiring another small producer in a deal that is leaving investors in both companies unhappy.
These four energy stocks are rated Buy at Goldman Sachs and make good sense for growth and income investors looking for steady income and upside potential. They are solid ways for investors to play...
Short interest in oil and gas producers was mixed in the two-week period ending November 30.
Oil and gas midstream company Kinder Morgan announced Tuesday that it expects to raise its dividend by 3% in 2021 and cut its capital spending while still reducing leverage.
Some investors will keep questioning and second-guessing whether the oil and gas giants will be able to keep paying out those ridiculously high dividends in the future.
Short interest in energy stocks mostly rose in the two-week reporting period that ended November 13. Crude prices have jumped and short sellers seem to think that the price will come down again.
Shares of these three integrated energy giants and a large-cap refiner look like solid buys for growth and income investors intending to shift portfolios some for 2021. They are all quality companies...
Here are five well-known energy master limited partnerships that are likely to survive the current troubles and could very well offer patient investors some huge total return over the next year or so.
This week's strong move in oil prices also created a massive rally in oil stocks, but the International Energy Agency has warned that moves may be very premature.
Short interest in energy stocks rose in the two-week reporting period to October 30. Short sellers more than doubled their positions in one of the six companies we track.
HSBC has listed its top oil and gas stock picks, favoring the European stocks that are further down the path to including alternative and renewable energy.