Pirates Grab Saudi Oil Tanker

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The US Navy reports this morning that a Saudi-owned tanker, the Sirius Star along with its crew of 25, has been hijacked about 450 miles southeast of Mombasa, Kenya. This attack is just the most recent of the more than 200 piracy incidents reported in 2008. At 318,000 deadweight tons, the Sirius Star is the largest ship ever to be attacked by pirates off the east coast of Africa.

Typically, hijacked ships are held for ransom and the ship, its cargo,and its crew are all released unharmed once the ransom is paid.

The Sirius Star is owned by Saudi Aramco, the Saudi national oilcompany. There is no word on how much oil may have been on board thetanker when it was seized.

Paul Ausick
November 17, 2008