Gas Prices Near $3 In California Cities

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As oil prices spring up and down, but mostly up, and The Colonial Pipeline spur that supplies the southeast broke, sending gas prices up, the price to fill a car in California has at the same time moved near $3.

The city with the highest priced gas based on a gallon of regular in California, is San Francisco, at $2.90 according to GasBuddy. The prices in LA is the same, as is the case in Santa Barbara. The price in Orange Country, Ventura, and San Diego is $2.88. There are only 10 cities in the U.S. where the average price is over $2.80. All are in California. The average for the state is $2.80, second only to Hawaii which is $2.90

Among the reasons for high gas prices in California is its taxes and levies. These total $.5659, which puts that state in the No.7 spot in the U.S. The national average is $.4886 according to The American Petroleum Institute.

There will probably be no relief for California drivers. According to The Sacramento Bee:

In an unusual development, local and statewide gas prices spent much of the summer steadily decreasing. Fall typically brings more decreases, but AAA noted that some in-state refinery disruptions and OPEC’s recent announcement to curtail production have put upward pressure on at-the-pump costs.

A long winter for people who drive a lot.

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