gas prices

At $5 a gallon, gasoline prices raise the specter of recession.
Efforts by the Federal Reserve Bank to tame inflation appear to be working. After climbing to a 41-year high of 9.1% in June of 2022, the rate on the closely watched consumer price index  dropped to...
Gasoline nationwide is increasing toward $4 a gallon, but in one state it is already well above $5.
Oil and gasoline prices are both on the rise.
This week's dump of economic data is not quite finished. Payroll data is due Friday, but so far, the week's economic news has been good for stocks.
The number of states with gasoline above $4 per gallon is increasing.
Gasoline prices are extraordinarily high in California.
It has been a year since the price of regular gasoline reached a high of about $5 for the first time. Despite concerns that it would remain at that level due to high oil prices, it eventually...
The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the consumer price index for April. The results were a surprise. After over a year of relatively high inflation, the pace slowed considerably. Consumer prices...
Gasoline prices have fallen sharply since summer, and the price has dropped below $3 a gallon in several states.
Gasoline prices averaged about $1.50 a gallon through the 1990s. Here is how those prices could come again.
Gas prices can take a large bite out of household budgets, particularly for low- and middle-income Americans.
While gasoline at $6 a gallon seemed impossible a year ago, another geopolitical flare-up easily could push prices to that level.
What is the real effect of the rise in gasoline and food prices on the American family?
The average price of a regular gallon of gasoline costs $5 or more in a number of states.