The 52-Week Low Club

McClatchy (MNI) working toward a record for number of days on the list, on negative watch for S&P watch list. Newspaper ad revenue still falling. Hit $34.94 down from 52-week high of $53.24.

Vonage (VG) Verizon (VZ) patent lawsuit win still hangs heavy on these shares. Down to $3.87 for IPO day high of $17.25.

New Century Financial (NEW) The sub-prime lender said money for new loans was not available. Stock hammered down further to $2.96 from 52-week high of $51.97.

ECC Financial (ECR) Mortgage lender is delaying dividend distribution due to potential loan problems. Shares dropped to $.34 down from 52-week high of $1.65.

AtheroGenics Inc (AGIX) Makes drugs for heart disease among other things. Disappointing earnings back on February 22. No visible news today. Shares down to $7.23 from 52-week high of $20.03.

Distributed Energy Systems (DESC) Back again. The alternative energy company posted bad earnings yesterday and the stock is still falling. Down to $1.58 today from a 52-week high of $7.24.

Clearwire (CLWR) Sad when a new IPO is already down almost 10%. Looking like Vonage (VG) in the early days. One day post IPO shares down to $21.49 after getting as high as $24.80 yesterday.

Encysive Pharmaceuticals (ENCY) The company missed its earnings forecast and guided for a poor year. The Associated Press went as far as calling its a “grim outlook”. Shares hit lowest level in four years at $2.81 down from 52-week high of $9.75.

Progressive Gaming Intl  (PGIC) Yesterday’s poor quarterly report still weighs on shares of casino softwares. Shares move as low as $6 down from 52-week high of $11.40.

Private Media (PRVT) Adult media (i.e. porno) company hits $2.13 down from 52-week high of $4.87. Not visible reason for the drop.

Merge Technologies (MRGE) The developer of medical imaging and information management software posted poor earnings. Stock dropped to $3.88 compared to 52-week high of $18.37.

Douglas A. McIntyre