Apple (AAPL): A 3G iPhone?

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Reports circulating on Wall St. indicate that Apple (AAPL) may introduce new versions of its iPhone. reports that  "RBC analyst Mike Abramsky issued a note Tuesday that attempted to draw a roadmap on where the popular iPhone is headed next." The analyst had conversations with an executive inside Apple.

The two models that may come out next would be a less expensive versions of the current phone and a model that works on 3G network.

The 3G version would be a big deal. A number of the criticisms of the handset center around the fact that it works on AT&T’s (T) slower network and that the product will not be popular in Europe and Asia where fast broadband networks are a critical part of the marketing of cell phones.

Without a 3G product, Apple is unlikely to get sales of the phone to 10 million a year. With it, sales could go well beyond that and the product would have a clear path to being a global success.

Douglas A. McIntyre