Media Digest 8/9/2007 Reuters, WSJ, NYTimes, FT, Barron’s

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According to Reuters, BNP Pariba suspending three funds due to sub-prime problems in their portfolios.

Reuters writes the net income and sales rose at News Corp (NWS).

Reuters reports that Wal-Mar (WMT) will use Facebook to improve its back to school sales.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Google (GOOG) will allow people cited in stories that it picks up to post comments.

The WSJ writes that Toll’s (TOL) home-building revenue fell 21%.

The WSJ writes that Blockbuster (BBI) has purchased movie download service Movielink.

The WSJ reports that Toyota (TM) will delay launching its new battery-powered hybrids due to safety concersn.

The WSJ reports that by year-end  firms based in China will represent the single largest number of overseas firms listed on the Nasdaq

The WSJ says GM (GM) and Toyota (TM) have cut their forecasts for industry sales this year.

The WSJ writes thta results from cable and telecom companies show that internet growth may be slowing.

The WSJ writes that Dell’s (DELL) former CEO will receive $48.5 million for his stock options.

The New York Times writes that a private equity firm has invested in the new NBC-News Corp (NWS) online venture

The FT  writes that US car dealers need to improve their image if the industry is to get more leverage in Washington.

Barron’s writes that shares in Infospace (INSP) fell on poor results.

Douglas A. McIntyre