GE’s (GE) Bad Quarter

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GE (GE) announced modest revenue growth, but its operating income lagged significantly

GE announced Q3.revenues from continuing operations were $42.5 billion, up 12%, increasing 8% organically. Earnings from continuing operations were up 7% to $5.1 billion.

Infrastucture reveue was up 19% to $14.5 billion. But segment profit rose only 12% to $2.6 billion. Commercial finance reveue was up 17% to $7 billion. But segment profit there rose only 12% to less than $1.5 billion. Industrial income was flat at $6.2 billion. Segment income rose 6%.

Reveue at NBC Univeral was up 3% to $3.8 billion. Segment profit moved up 9% to almost $600 million.

A weak quarter, all things considered.

Douglas A. McIntyre