The 52-Week Low Club AM Edition 10/6/2008 (GE)(GOOG)(F)(AAPL)

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As a sign of how difficult the markets are, a number of large companies hit 52-week lows, with a number of stocks down between 5% and 10% and bank shares off more

Ford (F) dropped to $3.79. Apple (AAPL) fell to $91.11. Yahoo! (YHOO) dropped to $15.17.

GE (GE) fell to $20.12. Rio Tinto (RTP) sold off to $12.60. Cisco (CSCO) fell to $20.26.

Petroleo Brasileiro (PBR) dropped to $31.10. EMC (EMC) sold down to $11.03.

Sun (JAVA) dropped to $6.51. Boeing (BA) fell to $51.50. Google (GOOG) dropped to $366.58

Douglas A. McIntyre