Google's (GOOG) Amazing Disappearing Revenue

Angrybear_2It takes all kinds to make a world. Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research may not be very bright, but he is intrepid.

According to an account in Barron’s, the analyst thinks Google’s (GOOG) revenue will drop for each of the next two years. “He sees the company posting revenues of $15.71 billion this year, $15.23 billion next year and $14.57 billion in 2010, with profits of $19.44 a share this year, $19.24 next year and $17.98 for 2010.”

Chowdhry says his analysis is based on talking to his “contacts”. In other words, he’s got nothing but the ability to take a little bit of data and turn it into a sketchy research report. The simpleton’s approach.

Douglas A. McIntyre