Today's Best Market Rumors (10/2/2009) (AAPL)(GE)(BAC)(GOOG)(TWX)

Updates throughout the day.

Update: Jeff Bewkes, CEO of Time-Warner (TWX) who says “Time, Inc. is not for sale.” (Atlantic First Draft of American History Conference)

Update:   John Paulson and Angelo Gordon may be buying debt in troubled phone company FairPoint (FRP) (NYPost)

Update:   BioCryst Pharm (BCRX) is spiking higher on takeover rumors (

Comcast (CMCSA) is not going to buy GE’s (GE) NBC Universal unit or any part of it. (various)

Comcast is close to a joint venture to own NBCU in which the cable firm would own 51% (various)

Chrysler may fold within a year  (24/7 Wall St.)

GE may take NBCU public. (Reuters)

Pay czar Kenneth Feinberg may block Ken Lewis’s $125 million pay package at Bank of America (BAC). (Reuters) (LOCM) may or may not be a buyout target for Microsoft (MSFT). The press release making an announcement of the deal is a fake. (Barron’s)

“Bank of England governor Mervyn King may have told economists this week, that the Bank had no immediate plans to change the rate paid to commercial banks on sums deposited overnight, but it appears not everyone believes him.” (FTAlphaville)

Apple (AAPL) plans to replace the decades-old PC “mouse” with touch technology in upcoming Macs. (AppleInsider)

Google (GOOG) has taken access to the homepage of file-sharing service Pirate Bay out of its search results. (The Register)

Apple’s iPhone market share could more than double if its exclusive deal with AT&T (T) ends (SAI).

Brian T. Moynihan, head of Bank of America’s (BAC) consumer unit, may be the top candidateto be the new CEO. (NYTimes)

Douglas A. McIntyre