Media Digest 12.31.2010 Reuters, WSJ, NYT, FT, Bloomberg

Jobless data and factory PMI raised hope about the recovery (Reuters)

Facebook move past Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) as the most visited site in the US (Reuters)

Crude is up 12% this year (Reuters)

A virus has attacked Android powered phones in China (Reuters)

Research In Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM) said the battery in its Playbook tablet would have a life competitive to other tablets (Reuters)

IPO legal experts said the US is losing its appeal for global offerings because of regulations (Reuters)

Credit card companies have asked the Fed to allow credit to be determined by household and not individual income (WSJ)

The FDA only approved 21 drugs in 2010, a sign of how difficult it is for pharma companies to refill pipelines (WSJ)

China has begun to make it more difficult for Skype to do business there (WSJ)

China will extend tax benefits for the purchase of fuel efficient cars (WSJ)

Data shows online sales rose 13% for the holidays. (WSJ)

The IMF said that Pakistan must cut its deficit (WSJ)

Borders Group (NYSE: BGP) has begun to delay payments to publishers, a sign of financial distress. (WSJ)

Abengoa Solar will build a plant that generates power after sundown (WSJ)

Dynamic Funds, started recently, turned in the best performance of any equity fund in 2010 (WSJ)

Developing nations bought more dollars and fewer euros in the third quarter (WSJ)

Groupon got $500 million in new investment from Fidelity, Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS), T. Rowe Price (NYSE: TRW) and others (WSJ)

The US will sell its stake in Ally, formerly known as GMAC (WSJ)

New Basel III liquidity rules will hurt small banks (FT)

China increased the dividends of state owned companies (FT)

Deutsche Bank (NYSE: DB) has challenged JP Morgan’s (NYSE: JPM) lead in bond issues. (Bloomberg)

Commodities prices beat stocks, bonds, and the dollar in 2010 (Bloomberg)

Junk bond prices showed more signs that the recovery in underway (Bloomberg)

Douglas A. McIntyre