There Are New York State's 20 'Hotspot' ZIP Codes

New York State has put out a list of its 20 “hotspot” ZIP codes. There is a deep concern that COVID-19 has started to rise sharply in the American state with the highest death toll. Deaths in New York State total 32,794 of the country’s 211,975.  While the state has 15% of deaths, its portion of the total national population stands at less than 6%.

COVID-19 already may have begun to spread from these ZIP codes. Most are in highly populated areas in and around New York City. These, in turn, sit close to other ZIP codes with dense populations. In fact, most are adjacent to at least one other ZIP code on the list of 20. Twenty-six percent of all COVID-19 new confirmed cases in the state yesterday were in the 20 ZIP codes.

Cuomo’s office commented to the people in these ZIP codes: “We will focus on testing and compliance efforts in these areas. If you live in one of these ZIP codes, treat this seriously. Wear a mask. Wash your hands often. Get tested. Don’t attend large gatherings.”

Nine of the ZIP codes are in Kings County, which is the New York City borough of Brooklyn, one of the hardest-hit areas during the devastating spread in March and April. Its population is 2,648,403. Three of the ZIP codes are in Queens, another borough, which has a population of 2,253,858. One of the ZIP codes is in the Bronx, another section of New York City, with a population of 1,418,207. One ZIP code is in Richmond County, the location of Staten Island, another borough of New York City. Its population is 476,143. That puts 14 of the ZIP codes inside New York City proper.

Three of the ZIP codes are in Rockland County, immediately northwest of New York City. It has a population of 325,789. One ZIP code is in Orange County, which is just north of Rockland County. It has a population of 372,813. One is in Westchester County, immediately north of New York City. It has a population of 967,506. The last is in Nassau County, immediately east of New York City. It has a population of 967,506.