Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10

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With how the world is trending, artificial intelligence appears to be the future we all need to brace ourselves for. Regardless of your current opinion on whether it’s good or bad, AI can already do some truly amazing things. If you’re late and rushing on homework, AI can spit out a paper for you. That’s not to say it’s going to be good or get you an A, but it’s something to turn in. If you need help with a problem, AI can break down different solutions for you. It can write codes for computers and stay up to date on cybersecurity. People who are good at investing have decided that there’s a solid place in every portfolio for AI stocks. If you’re looking to venture in with these stocks, are looking for them to be less than $10, and want to maybe make it big, consider these options.


What’s better than having a stock that’s currently working towards AI, the future of technology? Having a stock that’s also involved in electric vehicles, the future of transportation. NIO (NYSE: NIO) is a Chinese company that anyone with a portfolio should be seriously thinking about buying into. This stock is currently selling for $7.61 as of November 2023 but has reached heights of $61 in the past. While most of us think of Elon Musk and Tesla as the poster child for what AI and EVs can be, NIO can be one of the main competitors. NIO is also trying to create lifestyle products, making it a diverse company to have money invested in.


Talk about another company with huge upside potential and not a lot of risk. Nerdy (NYSE: NRDY) is only selling for $2.50 as of November 2023 but has only been around for a few years. It’s seen a share price as high as $10.40. Nerdy is a company that works with learning and education, virtually. With how far students fall behind in just two years of school, it’s important to play catchup. Nerdy matches students with teachers who can help based on specific needs. Because of all the parents who will be looking for platforms like this shortly, Nerdy is a great company to get involved with.


Using technology for advice isn’t something that’s a new concept for business. However, using AI technology to also work with what your eyes are seeing proves to be a whole different animal. Alithya (NASDAQ: ALYA) is a consulting firm that does just this and they work with many different sectors of jobs. These include energy, healthcare, education, and so many more. The fact that a company has such a diverse portfolio of companies it works with makes it secure. You can get in on Alithya for only $1.18 as of November 2023. This is a good company to put a few bucks into and check back in a couple of months to see how much profit you’ve made.


With all of the advancements in technology, the current software we have now is going to need to figure out different ways to keep up. Lantronix (NASDAQ: LTRX) is a company that uses AI to help get software up to speed and constantly updating to stay ahead of the field. Like Alithya, Lantronix has an impressive client list that will keep them in business regardless of where we find the world. As of November 2023, Lantronix is selling for $5.27. This will more than likely go up, given how reliable the company is to continue its growth.


There’s nothing like quite unwinding and playing a game after a long day of work. CooTek (OTCMKTS: CTKYY) is a company that’s been using AI to figure out what kinds of games people like, how hard they like levels, and how much to buy them for. After that, the game is developed and put on the open market for the public to play with. The more people who play the games it creates, the more data it has in its memory for the next time it makes a game. The best part is they’re only going for $0.20 a share right now. It’s worth taking a risk to see if they can get out of the hole.


Have you ever wondered how restaurants and other places know exactly what songs to play in the background? With companies like SoundHound (NASDAQ: SOUN), they can track the types of people who are there and see what the best type of music to play is. Because of how many clients they have in the auto and restaurant industry, SoundHound is a great investment. As of November 2023, you’ll be able to invest for $2.15, with plenty of room for growth.

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