These Are The Youngest Fortune 500 CEOs Today

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CEOs are becoming younger with each passing generation. This reflects the shift to tech-savvy industries in which youth and adaptability are increasingly valuable traits. Propelled by advancing technology and an emphasis on innovation, younger CEOs bring with them fresh perspectives, digital fluency, and a willingness to take risks. With that in mind, we present 24/7 Wall St.’s list of youngest Fortune 500 CEOs, in reverse order, from the oldest-youngest Fortune 500 CEO to the true baby of the group.

Jack Dorsey

Source: Phillip Faraone / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images

  • DOB: 19 November 1976 (47)
  • Company: Twitter/Block
  • Industry: internet entrepreneur, philanthropist, programmer

Ezra Yacob

Rise in gasoline prices concept with double exposure of digital screen with financial chart graphs and oil pumps on a field
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  • DOB: 1976 (47/48)
  • Company: EOG
  • Industry: natural gas and crude oil

Domenic “Nick” Dell’Osso, Jr.

Source: Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

  • DOB: 1976 (47/48)
  • Company: Chesapeake Energy Corporation
  • Industry: energy/energy investment banker

Craig DeSanto

Source: courtneyk / E+ via Getty Images

  • DOB: 1976 (47/48)
  • Company: New York Life Insurance Company
  • Industry: life Insurance

Brian Evanko

Source: designer491 / iStock via Getty Images

  • DOB: 1976 (47/48)
  • Company: Cigna
  • Industry: health insurance

Jason Wells

Source: SergBob / iStock via Getty Images

  • DOB: 1977 (46/47)
  • Company: CenterPoint Energy
  • Industry: natural gas and electricity

Avigal Soreq

Source: tonda / Getty Images

  • DOB: 1977 (46/47)
  • Company: Delek US Holdings, Inc.
  • Industry: petroleum

J Alexander Chriss

Source: Wikimedia Commons / PayPal

  • DOB: 1977 (46/47)
  • Company: PayPal
  • Industry: financial technology

Dennis Mathew

Source: Guirong Hao / Getty Images

  • DOB: 1977 (46/47)
  • Company: Altice USA,
  • Industry: broadband communications

Matthew Meloy

Source: Prykhodov / Getty Images

  • DOB: 1977 (46/47)
  • Company:
  • Industry: midstream energy infrastructure

Bom Suk Kim

Source: Natali_Mis / Getty Images

  • DOB: 1978 (45/46)
  • Company: Coupang
  • Industry: e-commerce

Hassaine El-Khoury

Source: AlexSava / Getty Images

  • DOB: 1978 (45/46)
  • Company: Onsemi
  • Industry: semiconductor manufacturer

Brad Beckham

Source: Sundry Photography / iStock Editorial via Getty Images

  • DOB: 1978 (45/46)
  • Company: O’Reilly’s Automotive
  • Industry: automotive parts

Timothy Spence

Source: ElenaR /

  • DOB: 1979 (44/45)
  • Company: Fifth Third Bancorp
  • Industry: finance

Marie Harik

Source: Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

  • DOB: 1979 (44/45)
  • Company: XPO
  • Industry: transportation

Sumit Singh

Happy smiling young golden retriever dog under light gray plaid. Pet warms under a blanket in cold winter weather. Pets friendly and care concept.
Source: Prystai /

  • DOB: 1979 (44/45)
  • Company: Chewy
  • Industry: online pet products

Brian Chesky

Source: Wikimedia Commons

  • DOB: 1981 (43/44)
  • Company: Airbnb
  • Industry: hospitality services

Sarah London

Source: Pornpak Khunatorn / iStock via Getty Images

  • DOB: 1981 (43/44)
  • Company: Centene
  • Industry: healthcare

Toby Rice

Source: georgeclerk / Getty Images

  • DOB:1981 (43/44)
  • Company: EQT
  • Industry: natural gas

Ernest Garcia III

Source: BCFC / Getty Images

  • DOB: 1983 (41/42)
  • Company: Carvana
  • Industry: car vending company / csed Cars

Mark Zuckerberg

Source: David Ramos / Getty Images


  • DOB: May 14, 1984 (39/40)
  • Company: Meta
  • Industry: social media


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