LinkedIn Sees Even More Job Growth in March

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The latest Workforce Report from LinkedIn suggests that U.S. companies are hiring even more employees. This report comes out on a monthly basis and highlights who is hiring in the United States and where jobs are growing the quickest.

LinkedIn offers a broad perspective on the subject. Over 146 million workers in the United States have LinkedIn profiles, and over 20,000 U.S. companies use LinkedIn to recruit. More than 3 million jobs are posted on LinkedIn in the United States every month.

According to the firm, hiring across the United States was 19.3% higher this past month than in March 2017. Seasonally adjusted hiring was 3.1% higher in March than in February 2018. Hiring has been slightly better through the start of 2018 than it was in the second half of 2017, but year-over-year comparisons will become more challenging as we move into spring, when hiring skyrocketed last year.

In line with national hiring trends, the industries with the biggest year-over-year hiring increases in March were financial services and insurance (20.9%); aerospace, automotive and transportation (19.0%); and manufacturing and industrial (18.8%). Notably, hiring seems to be slowing in the professional services industry. After a strong run in 2017, seasonally adjusted hiring fell in February 2018, stayed flat through March and was only up 9.9% year over year — much less than the national average.

The fastest-growing hubs for people skilled in renewable and sustainable energy, ecology and environmental science, and green building and construction are Greensboro-Winston-Salem, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Nashville. And the hottest hiring markets overall — where people with these same skills are most likely to get hired — are Raleigh-Durham, the San Francisco Bay Area and Boston.

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