Cramer Prefers Hasbro (HAS) Over Mattel

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Cramer was reviewing toy companies today.

Cramer said Mattel (MAT) and Hasbro (HAS) have historically outperformed the market during the first half of the year. 

Cramer said toys have become hot again, but you can’t own both stocks.  The one that Cramer says is better is HASBRO (HAS) and forget about Mattel (MAT).

Mattel is more off its 52-week highs, looks cheaper, options investigation is behind.  Mattel is even suing over the Bratz Dolls being like barbie, and it also owns American Girl.  He thinks the Polly Pockets recall won’t matter because it is from kids eating them.

Hasbro has real toys in the pipe.  they have the marvel deal for the new Spiderman movie.  The Transformers movie will drive toy sales for this.  He did mnmote that the Star Wars toys income has been sliding, but Cramer thinks that Transformers may offset this.  Cramer said he disliked the Hasbro games business but it has been turning around.

Cramer said the quality of products matters more than stock valuations or stock performance.