Cramer says Bank of America is better than Citigroup

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On today’s STOP TRADING segment on CNBC around 2:45 PM EST, Jim Cramer outlined which was better between Citigroup (C) and Bank of America (BAC) now that BAC has eclipsed C’s market cap.

Cramer says that Citigroup’s Chuck prince needs to go.  C is up 2% compared to BAC, but Citigroup could go up 5 points if he would leave.  If Cramer had to buy one, he’d buy B of A (BAC) because it is a stock and Citigroup (C) acts like a bond.

Cramer said you gotta "buy the heck out of apple" with iPhones going to be huge for it. Zune is not a threat.

Jon C. Ogg
November 29, 2006