Cramer Makes More Merger Picks

Today Cramer discussed a wave of M&A after Pfizer’s (PFE) blow-up today, also bank mergers predicted, and more tech deals coming.  You can watch his new video HERE on new free online video efforts supported by advertising.  This is all part of his new online video initiative that is replacing his radio deal that ended on Friday.

He said again that Pfizer (PFE) is in trouble and needs growth, so why not make a deal with Amgen (AMGN) or Celgene (CELG); AMGN tremendously down from where it should be.

Bank of New York (BK) & Mellon (MEL) deal is saviest and there has been very little M&A in that group as far as real consolidation.  Cramer predicts a wave of M&A after this deal with maybe Wells Fargo (WFC) looking at other targets ….PNC Financial (PNC), Comerica (CMA), Washington Mutual (WM) are all potential takover candidates.  Cramer aslo wondered where HSBC and other foreign banks are as they could come into the US to make bank acquisitions on the cheap for them?

LSI (LSI) taking matters into its own hands, and the market saying these deals make too much sense in tech and finance and they are too cheap.

Cramer also said that you can’t pay attention to what the media is saying about a weak dollar.  Don’t be fooled about the weak dollar….”Good!”

Once again, HERE is that video location on

Jon C. Ogg
December 4, 2006