Cramer's Third and Fourth Transformational CEO's (WWY, HON)

On Wednesday evening, the third installment of Cramer’s “Top Transformational CEO’s” on Mad Money on CNBC is Dave Cote of Honeywell (HON).  When he came in things were horrible.  They had asbestos issues and there was no integration between Allied Signal.  Morale was low and it didn’t know what sort of company it was, and was rocked by the GE takeover attempt.  It is now up almost 75% since he took over.   

This CEO has definitely helped Honeywell.  No one talks about them being takeover bait any longer because the stock has done well and its valuations are not as dirt cheap as in the past.  Other than that, we’ll have to trust Cramer on this.

The fourth member of Cramer’s “Transformational CEO’s List” is William Perez of Wrigley (WWY-NYSE) is led by a transformational CEO.  He had to figure out how to grow, but not so uch ruffling the chairman of the founding family.  Now they have added more products that are turning out to be wins with added aisle space.  The stock is up roughly 27% and he had run teh private SC Johnson beforehand.  Cramer thinks Wrigley is going to beat estimates from here on out.

Wrigley is a bit of an odd-bird and it was surpising that this one was really chosen.  Hardly anyone ever dicsusses the name even though it is a $15.7 Billion market cap company.  Sometimes there is more safety and more quality in companies like this.  This one is also up roughly 64% in the last year.

Previously Cramer named H-P’s (HPQ) Mark Hurd as one of the transformational CEO’s.  Before Hurd, he also backed Fred Hassan of Schering-Plough (SGP) as the first transformational CEO.