Cramer Reviews 10 More Warren Buffett Stock Picks

Stock Tickers: BRK/A, UNP, USB, MTB, ASD, NSC, WLP, UNH, IR, HRB

On CNBC’s Mad Money tonight, Jim Cramer reviewed stock picks from Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (BRK/A) to what is good in there and what isn’t.  He already gave 10 other picks earlier, and here is his second list of reviews for Buffet’s picks:

Union Pacific (UNP)…Cramer loves it, even after the run he thinks the rail company can make you money.

US Bancorp (USB)….Cramer thinks it’s a serious buy for the high-yield and the balance sheet.

M&T Bank (MTB)….Cramer likes financials, but he doesn’t like this one because of the subprime contagion when you can buy a better bank now.

American Standard (ASD)….Cramer likes it because the break-up could yield $15 upside.

Norfolk Southern (NSC)….Cramer likes this rail pick too, although probably as third of the rail stocks.

Wellpoint (WLP)…Cramer thinks it is the best healthcare  cost containment in the sector and he likes it.

UnitedHealth (UNH)….Cramer owns it and thinks it WAS a best of breed and now the cheapest in the group.

Ingersoll-Rand (IR)….Cramer said its buyback was great and it’s the best of its kind.

H&R Block (HRB)….Cramer said it deserves to go lower and he doesn’t know what Buffett was thinking because of the problems inside it.

Jon C. Ogg
June 21, 2007

Jon Ogg can be reached at; he does not own securities in any of the companies he covers.