Media Digest 9/24/2007 Reuters, WSJ, NYTimees, FT, Barron's

According to Reuters, the UAW set a strike deadline for today because it cannot reach a job security agreeement with GM (GM).

Reuters writes that Starbucks (SBUX) will give away 50 million songs as part of its launch of a wireless music service with Apple (AAPL).

Reuters writes that Microsoft’s (MSFT) new video game, Halo 3, received good marks from reviewers.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft (MSFT) is waging a PR campaign aimed at internet companies and regulators to stop the Google (GOOG) deal to buy Doubleclick.

THe Wall Street Journal writes that Nvidia (NVDA) will challenge Microsoft (MSFT) in the low end graphics chip market.

The New York Times writes that Pudding Media will introduce an internet phone service supported by ads which are tailored to what a person is talking about.

The FT writes that Dell (DELL) will sell computers through China’s largest electronic retailer.

The FT also reports that internet advertising may continue to grow through a recession.

Barron’s reports that GM’s (GM) stock could rise to $40, if it reaches a favorable deal with the UAW.

According to Bloomberg,  Government bond traders say the Federal Reserve will lower interest rates again before the end of the year as the economy comes to a standstill.

Douglas A. McIntyre