Media Digest 10/5/2007 Reuters, WSJ, NYTimes, FT, Barron's

According to Reuters, RIM (RIMM) posted strong earnings and added it 10 millionth subscriber.

Reuters writes that Wal-Mart (WMT) is already getting ready for holiday price wars by beginning to drop prices.

The Wall Street Journal writes that a group lead by RBS now has enought shares to complete the takeover of ABN Amro (ABN) for $101 billion.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Sprint (S) has started a search for a new CEO.

The Wall Street Journal writes that GE (GE) will lay-off 1,400 people in its light bulb division.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Pfizer (PFE) will add a new research chief as it pushes into biotech.

The New York Times writes that Bear Stearns (BSC) says it has no need for cash from an outside investor.

The FT writes that Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) is in danger of losing a huge piece of AT&T (T) business.

The FT writes that an outside investor in Sears (SHLD) is pressuring the company for better performance.

Barron’s reports that Akamai (AKAM) may be hit by Level 3’s (LVLT) plan to enter the CDN business with low rates.

Bloormberg writes that Ford (F) and Chrysler are not interested in putting huge sums into an employee health fund run by the UAW. The program is part of the GM (GM) contract.

Douglas A. McIntyre