Will MurdochMoney.com Go After Yahoo! (YHOO) Finance?

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There has been a great deal of discussion about the WSJ Online becoming a free website, supported by advertising. A move of this kind is likely to hurt companies like The New York Times (NYT) and Reuters (RTRSY) which have large, ad-supported websites of their own. They occupy the top of the internet advertising food chain where brokerage firms, mutual funds, and premium products pay big money for advertising.

But, Murdoch has probably already figured out that the other big pot of online financial dollars is owned by Yahoo! (YHOO) Finance. It has about 12 million unique visitors a month and hundreds of millions of pageviews. News Corp may not find it terribly hard to build it own version of Yahoo! Finance and go after its big discount broker and banking ad pool.

What does Murdoch already have at his disposal. News. Yes, from The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, the Dow Jones News Service, and Fox News. Video. Yes, from the new Fox Business channel. Investing content. From Barron’s and Smart Money. And, its own data base of everything from earnings data to stock quotes.

Don’t be surprised. not even a little, if MurdochMoney.com becomes that largest US financial website on the internet.

Douglas A. McIntyre