The Top Ten Professional Business And Financial Bloggers

24/7 Wall St. has done a ranking of the Top 25 Financial Blogs for two years in a row. But, this list excluded bloggers who were full-time paid employees of media companies that host and promote their own blogs. So, we decided to look at blogs at the top twenty newspaper websites around the country, major business magazine websites, and large financial websites. Since many of these web properties have several bloggers, we looked at well over 100 blogs.

As we reviewed these, we ruled out bloggers who cover subjects like the home office, business travel, and environmental topics. The goal was to draw from a list of people who write on business, finance, tech, and the economy.

Here is out list of the Top Ten Professional Business and Financial Bloggers, in no special order:

David Gaffen, MarketBeat, The Wall Street Journal. We don’t know this for a fact, but MarketBeat must be one of the reasons that readers return to throughout the day. The blog is timely. It covers a wide variety of topics. It has wit. And, Gaffen is liberal with links to smaller blogs. No one following Wall St. should miss this blog.

Eric Savitz, Tech Trader Daily. Barron’s. Those interested in technology stocks and industry trends need to check this blog several times a day. Savitz not only has a deep knowledge of the subject, he must get research reports from several hundred tech analysts. No critical  piece of analysis gets missed. He also blogs from major industry conferences.

Herb Greenberg, MarketBlog, MarketWatch. Investigative pieces. Sharp looks at earnings. CEO beatings, at least from time-to-time. Almost always takes the other side of conventional wisdom.

Michael Flaherty. DealZone, Reuters. Looks inside the Wall St. deal culture worldwide. Often provocative. Excellent sources. Sometimes a bit nasty, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Zubin Jelveh, Odd Numbers. Portfolio. Covers economics. Good global perspective. Wit. Broad intelligence. He looks at the economics of everything from the last World War to basketball salaries to IRS penalties. Brilliant.

Paul R. La Monica, Media Biz, CNNMoney. Old media. New media. This blog covers all of the major companies in these industries. Google. Comcast. The works. He has a finger on trends that most writers miss. As well-researched as any writing on these topics. Has the eye of securities analyst’s.

Bruce Einhorn, Eye On Asia, BusinessWeek. It’s hard to get good picture of what is going on in the business community and the big companies in Asia. Part of it is the vastness of the region, and part is the number of cultures. This kind of reporting and analysis is simply not available anywhere else.

Mathew Ingram, Technology Blog. Globe and Mail. This blogger switch hits. He has his own blog and writes for this Canadian newspaper. Unusually keen insights covering the world of online media and technology. Not from America,  but we can waive that.

Dana Cimilluca, Deal Journal, The Wall Street Journal. This is about as far as you can get into the big heads on Wall St. without being a shrink. A lot of his blogs actually break news. Particularly strong on deal analysis.

Saul Hansell, Bits, The New York Times. It’s very hard to tell when this blogger sleeps. Not much that goes on in the world of technology innovation gets past him. Encyclopedic knowledge of his beat.

Douglas A. McIntyre can be reached at He is the former editor-in-chief and publisher of Financial World Magazine and former president of

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