Social Networking Goes Adult (PRVT, LNET, NOOF, PLA)

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Private Media Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: PRVT) ia announcing a unique launch with Pilgrim Telephone, Inc. for the U.S. and Canada.  This will marry Private’ adult entertainment with Pilgrim’s social networking services for wireless and wire-line subscribers.

The companies are launching Intimate Connections(R) instant voice messaging platform, which is said to be the first step in the development of Private and Pilgrim’s strategic US and Canadian alliance.  Fans will have the opportunity to connect with each other and to hear from Private girls and their friends via both wireless and land line telephones.

As far as who the customers of Pilgrim are, it lists LodgeNet Interactive Corporation (NASDAQ: LNET), On Command, New Frontier Media (NASDAQ: NOOF), Playboy (NYSE: PLA), Club Jenna, Digital Playground and Rogers in Canada.  Private Media doesn’t look like it is a small fry either as it says it’s a leader in adult entertainment distributing premium content globally via a wide range of platforms including more than 900 million mobile telephone handsets, IPTV/VOD, broadband Internet, television, DVD’s, and magazines.

Interestingly enough, this says that callers spend on average some $50per call, and the companies expect this to generate substantialincremental revenue for Private going forward.  It sure sounds like this is a new play on the old 900-numbers fused with a new social networking slant.  Let’s just hope that the clients aren’t using this while they are driving.

Jon C. Ogg
April 15, 2008