Google (GOOG): More Sneaky By The Day

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Google (GOOG) is sending spies to Procter & Gamble (PG) to see how the big package goods company makes marketing plans and spends its $8 billion advertising budget. That is a lot of intelligence for an internet firm to get when more traditional TV and print are still the major media outlets for the sale of soap and razors.

The astonishing thing is that P&G is actually letting the search engine company people in.

According to The Wall Street Journal, "Google craves a bigger slice of P&G’s $8.7 billion annual ad pie as its own revenue growth slows." P&G figures it is finding out how to use search marketing better to market its products.

The relationship is decidedly one-sided. While learning online tactics may be useful to P&G, Google actually has the chance to pitch is own product against its media competition while sitting in the package goods company’s inner sanctum. It appears that none of the old world media companies are being given equal access.

Google may have convinced P&G that the personnel trade is a good idea, but the search company stands to get tens of millions of dollars in revenue while the consumer products firm gets a few tips.

Douglas A. McIntyre