Media Digest 11/26/2008

Douglas A. McIntyre

According to Reuters, Paulson has turned his back on giving insurance companies part of the bailout

Reuters reports that Rio Tinto (RTP) is faced with selling assets,

Reuters reports that the head of Citigroup (C) says banks “went wrong” on real estate.

Reuters writes that Goldman Sachs (GS) has broken off talks with Panasonic over a possible deal to sell its stake in Sanyo.

Reuters writes that the Fed sent another $40 billion to AIG (AIG).

Reuters reports that the economy shrank at the fastest pace in seven years.

The Wall Street Journal writes that as oil prices are falling oil companies are conserving cash.

The Wall Street Journal reports that tech shares may fall further

The Wall Street Journal reports that Tivo (TIVO) forecast a loss.

The New York Times reports that the great growth engine in China is slowing.

The New York Times reports that Morgan Stanley (MS) is working on a makeover as it becomes a bank.

The New York Times reports that the first audit of the $700 billion financial rescue plan is expected to be critical of the Treasury Department’s failure to set up ways to track how its bailout money is being used.

The FT reports that the FDIC may be low on funds to takeover troubled banks.

Bloomberg reports that the Fed risks spiting in the wind with its new $800 billion package.

Bloomberg reports that dividends are disappearing at the fastest rate since 1958.

Douglas A. McIntyre