Media Digest 11/9/2010 Reuters, WSJ, NYT, FT, Bloomberg

China warned that QE2 could destabilize the global economy. (Reuters)

Aol (NYSE: AOL) has tapped Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) to aid it in its pursuit of Yahoo! (NASDAQ: YHOO). (Reuters)

Some Fed officials voiced concern over QE2. (Reuters)

Wall St. firms asked Washington to delay new regulations until the economy improves. (Reuters)

Gold hit a record high over $1,400. (Reuters)

The head of Alibaba, 40% owned by Yahoo!, has been approached about hid interest in a Yahoo! buyout. (Reuters)

Facebook has nearly 25% of the display ad market. (Reuters)

Sanofi-Aventis asked Genzyme (NASDAQ: GENZ) to allow shareholders to vote on the larger company’s bid. (Reuters)

Investors have begun to exit junk bonds for safer investments. (WSJ)

Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) will sell its interest in Softbank for $5 billion. (WSJ)

Problems with troubled mortgages are likely to be another blow to Ireland. (WSJ)

China will take more money in dividends from state-controlled companies.(WSJ)

Larry Ellison of Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL said SAP (NYSE: SAP) owes his company $4 billion in license fees. (WSJ)

Magazine and newspaper publishers will get 70% of Kindle content sales. (WSJ)

BP plc (NYSE: BP) eliminated some safety features before it sealed the Gulf well. (WSJ)

Banks loosened lending standards last quarter but access to capital remained hard to get. (WSJ)

A push to get rare earth products from China may show that its industry has also been the target of trade restrictions. (WSJ)

Nearly $2 billion of future GM profits will come from gains on its pension fund. (WSJ)

The media blend of politics and programs has become harder to discern. (WSJ)

McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) sales rose 6.5%. (WSJ)

Verizon Wireless will text $70 a month caller plans similar to Sprint-Nextel’s (NYSE: S). (WSJ)

Ambac filed for Chapter 11. (WSJ)

Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) will move ahead with plans to buy the part of Smith Barney it does not own. (WSJ)

Bank of America may pay bonuses in stock because the company did not meet goals in relationship to the government. (WSJ)

Some stocks have had small flash crashes recently. (NYT)

Angel Merkel of Germany warned of the effects of protectionism. (FT) will attack the women’s market with its buyout of the parent of (FT)

Barclays (NYSE: BCS) profits dropped as its investment bank lost money. (Bloomberg)

China will tighten the inflow of foreign capital. (Bloomberg)

Douglas A. McIntyre