How Microsoft Is Cleaning Up Its Xbox Live Platform

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Gaming is a favorite pastime, not just for many Americans but millions of people across the globe. In an effort to make this online space more inclusive and less hurtful to its users, Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) is upping its game to cut down on toxic comments made on its platform.

Although gaming is not Microsoft’s bread and butter, it still boasts 63 million users on its Xbox Live platform.

In fact, gaming generates roughly 10% of Microsoft’s revenue last quarter. The firm is continuing to innovate its Xbox business as it is backing off from other consumer markets like wearables and music streaming.

As part of this innovation, Microsoft is cleaning up the platform so players don’t hear or see content that might turn off users or scare younger players away.

These changes are reflected in Microsoft’s recent update to its Xbox “community standards” for gameplay. This points out several practices that aren’t acceptable, and Microsoft is backing this up with newer moderation tools.

Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s executive vice president of gaming, commented:

This summer, we are empowering our official Club community managers with proactive content moderation features that will help create safe spaces for fans to discuss their favorite games. We plan to roll out new content moderation experiences to everyone on Xbox Live by the end of 2019.

Shares of Microsoft were last seen down about 1% at $126.95, in a 52-week range of $93.96 to $131.37. The consensus price target is $143.16.

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