It's Getting Harder to Find a RadioShack If You Have Tech Questions

John Harrington

If you had tech questions, RadioShack believed it had the answers. For example, if you needed an HDMI cord, RadioShack was your destination. But it is getting increasingly difficult for gadget geeks to get queries resolved at a RadioShack store.

That’s because the consumer electronics retailer shuttered more than 1,000 stores over the Memorial Day weekend, leaving the Fort Worth, Texas-based chain with just 70 company-owned stores.

RadioShack decided to close most of its stores two months after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. At the time of the bankruptcy announcement, RadioShack parent General Wireless Operations said it planned to close just 200 stores. Since then, the number climbed to 552 closures.

Following the announcement over Memorial Day weekend, there will be 425 stores owned by franchisees and 500 dealer-owned stores.

Most of the remaining company-owned locations of the 96-year-old electronics retailer are located in a handful of states, and three states have the lion’s share of them. New York has the most company-owned stores of any state, 22, followed by Pennsylvania with 18 and Texas with 13.

Other states with RadioShack stores are Massachusetts (7), Colorado (5), New Jersey (3) and Maryland (2).