Special Report

Shortest (and Longest) Living Dog Breeds in the World

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25. Welsh Terrier
> Life expectancy: 11 years
> Height: 15 inches
> Weight: 20 pounds
> Easy to train?: No

The Welsh terrier is a friendly dog recognizable by its long beard.

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24. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
> Life expectancy: 10.7 years
> Height: 13 inches
> Weight: 16 pounds
> Easy to train?: Yes

This pint-sized pup was perhaps first known as the preferred pet of King Charles II. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel remains quite popular.

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23. Boxer
> Life expectancy: 10.4 years
> Height: 24 inches
> Weight: 70 pounds
> Easy to train?: Yes

The boxer is a tall, muscular dog whose original use was as a police dog.

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22. German Shepherd
> Life expectancy: 10.3 years
> Height: 25 inches
> Weight: 83 pounds
> Easy to train?: Yes

A true dog-lover’s dog, the German shepherd is an all-purpose worker and the AKC’s second most popular breed of all time.

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21. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
> Life expectancy: 10.2 years
> Height: 27 inches
> Weight: 135 pounds
> Easy to train?: Yes

These immense dogs weigh as much as a mid-sized human, but they are famously even-tempered and family oriented. The breed is sixth heaviest of all breeds considered for this ranking.